Business Ethics for Young Professionals

Young professionals play a vital role in shaping the ethical climate at their companies and in the broader community. As an emerging leader, you could lend a hand in building an ethics program at your business and be responsible for earning your company a Better Business Bureau Integrity Award. By offering your fresh perspective on ethical dilemmas, you can encourage a climate of moral courage within your organization. The Business Ethics Alliance provides a forum for young, emerging leaders to refine their values and dialogue with others about business ethics. We give them opportunities to learn from and offer insight to their mentors, business leaders, and peers.

Lincoln Financial Foundation and Mutual of Omaha help support our Young Professionals programming. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.


Ethics Events and Opportunities for Young Professionals

Dialogues - Business Ethics Mind Candy

Elemental Ethics Networking Luncheons

Organizational Ethics Courses

Topical Speaker/Presentation

Omaha Chamber Young Professionals Summit Ethics Breakout Session

Young Professionals Speed Networking (Currently Seeking Sponsors)

Volunteering on an Alliance Committee