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Summer Mind Candy Dialogue

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
7:30 am8:45 am

The Summer Mind Candy Dialogue is designed to kick your day off the right way with a lively discussion about The Risk of Compromise. Join the Alliance and our distinguished team of panelists as we delve into how leaders can utilize compromise in an ethical, constructive manner without abandoning their values.

In order to compromise on an individual's values, he or she must first identify what those values are. At your core, what are the values on which you will stand firm and resolute?

Once you define your values, ask yourself:

-Is this decision going to make any real difference to your life or the life of anyone else?
-What will happen if you do nothing?
-Is it beyond your control?

These are questions that can arise when facing compromise and will be questions our panel addresses.

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  • Are committed to excellence in ethics and model ethical behavior in all business practices.

    Are always ready to learn and educate their workforce to maintain the highest ethical standards.

    Want to impact our vision because a stronger Omaha is better for all businesses and attracts a diverse workforce.

    Believe that good ethics is good business and leads to strong employee engagement and retention.